Friday, February 10, 2012

How to Show Your Husband You Love and Appreciate Him

Sometimes, when you've been married for a while, you can begin to take your husband for granted. When this happens, it is time to show your husband that you appreciate him.

There are many reasons why you should take time out to show your husband you appreciate him, one being that he's a major financial provider for the family. Another, would be because he's loyal, and trustworthy. And yet another, would be that he's driven to bring happiness to the whole family, no matter what the cost.

Showing your husband you appreciate him, can be a fulfilling experience for your husband and yourself. You'll learn how to clean your house, get a sitter for the kids, make his favorite meal, and service him, all for the sake of making your husband smile.


    • 1
      Make sure the house is clean. Nothing gets the attention of your husband more, than coming home to a tidy organized house. This is especially difficult to do when you have young children. Make the extra effort. If you just don't have the time, call  a housekeeping service. They usually have maids who can come and clean your house for as cheap as $40. Show your husband you appreciate him, by having the dishes washed and put away, the laundry folded and put away, and the floors vacuumed. If you just absolutely can't find the time to do it all, at least make sure that the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room, and the bathroom are spotless!
    • 2
      Have your husband's favorite habit waiting for him. My husband likes ice cold beer, so I will make sure to have a frosty one reserved for him, when he steps through that door. It may be a good idea, to let your husband unwind for a few minutes, and then offer him his favorite habit.
    • 3
      Get a sitter for the kids. Call up grandma, and ask her to do you a favor for a few hours. If you're lucky, she'll keep the children overnight, but if not, five hours should suffice. This is your time to show your husband you appreciate him, and although your children are loved, they are not welcomed on this particular date.
    • 4
      Make his favorite meal. This should be prepared PRIOR to him getting home. You don't want to spoil the mood, by getting tired from cooking. All your time should be focused on hubby.
    • 5
      Wear some sexy lingerie. This goes for both of you. Have a sexy pair of boxer shorts, with a matching robe, laid out for him to slip into, after he gets done showering. You should already be wearing something silky to the touch, easy to slip out of, and super sexy. Don't worry if you don't look as good as the model who sold it to you, your husband never saw the model, so you'll score a 10 in his eyes.
    • 6
      Get pretty. This means do your hair, put on makeup, and groom your nails. Most of us with young children are always lacking in this department. Let the bun down, put on some lip gloss, and practice batting your eyes in the mirror. Leave the sweat suit in the bottom drawer.
    • 7
      Play some sexy music. This is the meat and potatoes of how to show your husband you appreciate him. The perfect music will not only set the mood, but will awaken the vixen in you. The music should be playing when he enters the front door.
    • 8
      Share a bottle of nice champagne. Personally, I like to drink Cristal, but that's out of our budget right now. Perriet Jouet Flora is a nice affordable alternative. Make sure the champagne is extra cold, and the glasses are too. When you open the bottle, try not to make the "pop" sound. Go for the "hiss" sound instead. This is a classy move, that shows you have class.
    • 9
      Service him. That's right, it's all about Daddy right now! Usually the intimacy goes both ways, but this is a special occasion. Cover your husband with kisses, to show you appreciate him. That means everywhere! Don't ask for any attention in return, just smother him with affection, for as long as he wants it, or until the unspoken "make me happy" mission is undeniably accomplished.

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